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Honey Processing Plant.

P and I diagram of our Honey Processing Plant.

PC – Process Coil
F – Falling film Evaporator
C1 – Vapor Condenser
C2 – Honey Cooler
V1 – Primary Heating Vessel jacketed with fins
V2 – Hot Water Generator
V3 – Vapor Separator
V4 – Condensate Receiver
V5 – Settling Tank
A – Homoginizer
H – Electric Heaters
P1 – S.S.Gear Pump for Raw Honey
P2 – S.S.Gear Pump for Processed Honey
P3 – Vacuum Pump (Oil Ring Type)
P4 – Hot Water Circulating Pump
S1 – Trough Screen SS 304 – 60 mesh
S2 – Online Screen SS 304 – 100 mesh
S3 – Online Primary Filter, Polypropylene Bag 10 µ
S4 – On Line Secondary Filter, Resin Bonded Cartridge 5 µ

  • Guaranteed / Proven removal of moisture up to 7 %.
  • Sophisticated methodology used while designing a process.
  • Centralized controls by way of Digital Control Panel. Automatic temperature control achieved by way of electronic sensors and controllers.
  • All wetted parts are of SS 304.
  • 4 Stage Filtration to get CRYSTAL CLEAR HONEY. Stage1- for removing heavy suspended particles like dead honey bees, flower particles etc. Stage 2 – 100 mesh screen.
  • Stage 3 – 10 micron size bag filter.
  • Stage 4 – 5µ & 2µ cartridge filter.
  • Provision of vapor separator vessel, designed on cyclonic vapor separation principle.
  • Optimum Thermal Efficiency by provision of Rock Wool insulation to requisite parts, this straightaway reduces heat losses and saves on power.
  • Unit mounted on skid frame, making the entire unit compact. This helps in making optimum utilization of available space.

Falling Film evaporator mounted at an elevated position – In case of horizontal system vacuum pump gets unnecessarily loaded, to reduce such load on vacuum pump we always recommend falling.

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